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Objectives of the project

ContraCancrum aims at significantly contributing to the understanding of hypercomplex biological phenomena through the multilevel modelling of cancer in the clinical setting. This will take cancer modelling research a step further by integrating molecular, cellular, tissue and higher level modelling concepts into a single technological entity that will simulate therapy outcome based on the individual patient information. This could serve as a powerful weapon to better understand and fight cancer.

The main objectives of the ContraCancrum project are:

  • Develop a composite multilevel simulation model of malignant tumour growth and tumour and normal tissue response to therapeutic modalities and treatment schedules.
  • Validate the models, by exploiting the outcome of pertinent clinical trials and designing and carrying but new dedicated clinicogenomic studies in (a) gliomas (b) lung cancer.
  • Promote the development of individualised therapies and in silico therapy optimisation.
  • Translate, in the mid and long term validated multilevel cancer models into clinical practice.
By utilizing a simulator, the clinician will be able to perform in silico (on the computer) experiments corresponding to different candidate therapeutic scenarios for any cancer patient in order to facilitate and better substantiate his or her treatment decisions.