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Expected Results & Impacts

ContraCancrum will lead to a ‘modelling aided’ optimal treatment design for cancer patients that will positively influence the treatment outcome. The project will:

  • Achieve more effective healthcare by selecting the optimal therapy for an individual patient.
  • Contribute to the development of safer drugs and medical devices [e.g. radiotherapy treatment systems] by providing estimates of the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in parallel with the predictions of tumour response.
  • Attract the pharmaceutical industry back to Europe, since its methods will allow the implementation of clinical trials in a more cost effective way.
  • Contribute to the understanding of mechanisms of carcinogenesis and tumour growth at several biocomplexity levels.
  • Optimise of the design and efficiency of new clinical trials aiming at improving cancer treatment in groups of patients sharing some common pathological characteristics.
  • Educate both medical students and interested patients or patients’ parents via simulation experiments and visualization of the model’s predictions.
ContraCancrum is expected to contribute to the achievement of higher cancer cure rates for the potentially curable patients whereas for the non curable patients it is expected to contribute to the achievement of increased life expectancy and better quality of life.